I have packaged my presentation slide content in several ways for different audiences. This page contains current versions of all the different presentations I currently have. I’m also open to creating new content for specific audiences, messages, and educational needs. The content here is arranged in roughly reverse chronological order (newest first).

This first set of 3 presentations was created to deliver in 3, 20 minute sessions. These slide decks cover unique topics as indicated by the title of each.

These longer presentations take 45 minutes to one hour and contain many of the same slides, but with slightly different messaging for different audience needs.

The following slide deck was used for a community education class sponsored by Rochester Public Utilities and Rochester community education.

The next slide deck was used for talks to several volunteer clubs. It is a fairly complete set of my available slides.

The next slide deck is a variation of the fairly complete set of slides I have developed.

This slide deck was presented to a high school science class.

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