NE Metro Climate Action presentation

On March 29, 2023 I gave an Introduction to Electric Vehicles talk at the Shoreview library. There was a brief car show beforehand and then about 50 people came in to listen to my presentation (plus a few on Zoom). It was a great group who were engaged and asked some good questions after I had finished. I used all sections of my talk and it took a little over an hour to complete. Thanks to all those who attended in person and virtually!

Here are the slides:

They also produced a nice flyer which I’ve included below.

4 thoughts on “NE Metro Climate Action presentation”

  1. You gave an excellent presentation! Thanks for doing that. I have a Bolt but I still learned a lot from your presentation.

  2. My wife and I want to test drive a Bolt, but I am having trouble finding a dealer with one available. Wondering if this community knows where to find one?
    (We have never owned an EV, and do not want to order one sight-unseen.)

    1. Hi Mark, We would be happy to let you do a test drive in our 2020 Bolt. Be advised that Chevrolet has discontinued the Bolt and I think they will probably sell out every vehicle they make until the end of 2023. There are several vehicles in the market that are similar to the Bolt although none are quite as inexpensive at this time. I can talk to you more about that as well. Please email me at

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