Robbinsdale Community Ed Class

April 27 was the first scheduled time for a new community education class I am offering through Robbinsdale Community Education. Here is the registration link. Since I only had one person sign up, I offered to do an in-person session at our house so I could show him our two EVs close up. He even did a test drive in the Tesla 😄.

I speculated that the cost was too high, so I decided not to ask for any compensation for myself. This means the remaining dates are at the minimum cost (to cover RCE’s costs) of $19. Please share the link with any and all you think might be interested.

Since this is a class as opposed to a presentation, I added a section on electricity, power and energy with two slides covering DCFC charge curves and some real-world examples of both AC (L1/L2) charging and DCFC. I think they came out pretty good. Below is the new slide deck with added slides. Unlike recent PDFs, I returned to including all the slide builds in this version so you can use it as a presentation slide deck and see all the content.

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