EV talk at Fairchild-Nichols Library, Trumbull CT

It was a nice coincidence that Paula Carlson of Fairchild-Nichols library filled out the Shift2Electric contact form on May 17, requesting an electric vehicle talk. As we corresponded, a plan emerged to connect our planned July trip to Connecticut to an available date when I could provide the talk in-person. Thus, on July 26 Karen and I arrived at the library and I set up in their lovely 2nd floor meeting room. As always, it was a very nice group of people who were engaged and had lots of good questions. Along with Paula, we enjoyed meeting Mr. Stanley Chen, a local member of a Tesla group, Eric Carlson, and several others.

Below is the slide deck version I presented. Changes include a new section on electricity basics, updates to companies adopting the Tesla charging connector (the North American Charging Standard or NACS) and pictures of several new cars.

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