Electric Vehicles – They Are Coming, But Are They For You?

This is the title of the community education class I provided May 3, 2022 on behalf of Rochester Public Utilities and Rochester Community Education. Click the title to be taken to the post where the presentation PDF can be downloaded.

I left out a couple of newer slides that compare internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric vehicles to avoid going over the allotted time. Here is the content of those slides.

Powertrain Moving Parts200020
Energy efficiency (source to wheels)15-25%75-85%
Energy Cost$$$$
Torque Curve
Comparison of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and Electric Vehicles β€” Design

Recharging at homeNot availablePlug in at home
Recharging locallyLocal gas stationPublic DCFC or L2 (AC)
Recharging on road tripsTruck stopDCFC (car nav)
DrivingBaselineInstant torque
No engine noise
Low center of gravity

Regenerative braking
Health and safety impactsFuel and exhaust both toxic
Fuel explosively flammable
No fuel, no emissions
Winter drivingSlower warm-up
Idling wasteful
Can’t idle in closed spaces

Range loss
Fast warm-up
Preheating in closed space

Range loss
Getting to remote destinationsPlan to have enough fuelPlan to have enough charge
Comparison of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and Electric Vehicles β€” Ownership Experience

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