Electric Saturday at First Universalist Church

First Universalist Church of Minneapolis is holding an Electric Saturday event on April 30, 2022 and I will be presenting a series of short talks on electric vehicles for that event.

UPDATE: The in-person event was postponed to June 4, 2022 due to rainy weather on the original date. Slide decks were updated slightly and the new versions, presented on June 4, can be found at the end of this post.

The topics of the talks are Electric Vehicles 101, Electric Vehicle Charging and EV Buying and Market. The goal is to provide short, targeted talks on topics of greatest interest to people new to electric vehicles or planning to buy an EV in the near future.

Evolution of the electric vehicle market has accelerated with new models being announced almost weekly by virtually all major automakers and an emerging crop of vehicle manufacturer start-ups. This has led to sharply increased awareness and interest in the buying public as a whole.

Below are PDFs of the slide decks presented at the Electric Saturday event.

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